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Sunridge Exchange is the second shop of proud owner Ron Dowding. Despatch Exchange has been running since 2009. Both shops compliment each other with stock for clients, Books, Games, Consoles, Retro-Consoles CD's, DVD's, Lp's and Toys

With our range we have over 

  • 10,000 books, 
  • 50 PS1,
  • 600 PS2, 
  • 1000 PS3, 
  • 100 PS4,
  • 400 Xbox 360,
  • 100 Xbox One,
  • 500 PC
  • 100 Wii
  • 1000 Vinyl/Lp
  • 1000 CD's, 
  • 1000 DVD's. 

Along with our consoles and games we offer a huge variety of gaming accessories

Clients may bring in their own Books, Games, CD's or DVD's on which we then give a value, which can be used on exchange Books, Games, CD's or DVD's. So, you walk in with books, and you walk out with dvd's, etc.

We can order LP's , cd's , books , games(ps1 ps2 ps3 ps4 xbox xbox360 psp wii pc etc. , toys, almost anything!!

Did You Know

We order new and 2nd hand, new releases and very old releases...books - games - cd's and dvd's. We do lots of effort to try and source that specific item you have been looking for , try will like us.

We have a ongoing promotions on games, books and CD's from R30 

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