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Enabling pets to live their best lives by equipping parents with the means to make it so, this is our mission. Our passion lies with the animals, their parents provide them love and we provide the rest!

It is for this reason that we offer you a variety of quality products and services with informed and friendly staff that will assist you in caring for your pets in a way that they deserve.

We stock an extensive range of products for parents to choose from, ranging from exclusive to the more price conscious brands, so you get what you want, and it suits your budget.
These include a wide range of pet supplies, accessories, pet foods, wing & nail clipping services as well as a variety of smaller pets such as birds and fish. We also pride ourselves on being the home of local brands and supporting the suppliers of quality products that are in and around Nelson Mandela Bay and the rest of South Africa.

If you want it, we have it, or we will do our best to find it for you. See you in-store!

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